CPOINT™ Open Source PC Software
Written in Visual Basic6, VB6

OpenDMXUSB, initiated
by ENTTEC www.enttec.com, is an open hardware design with a GPL License with the following additions:
- Any modification to the software must be given back to the community.
- You cannot remove or modify any copyright notice.

The concept of the USB to DMX512 interface, the so called openDMXUSB is based on FTDI's USB to serial chip called FT232BM.
Link to FTDI's website.

CPOINT™ OfficeWing is an open source Visual Basic software using the openDMXUSB hardware interface as its DMX512 output.

CPOINT™ OfficeWing is designed for use in a small office or other places where a couple of channels needs to be controlled by a PC running Windows.
By clicking on the OfficeWing icon in the lower corner tray of your screen, you can quickly and easily change the current preset or edit your own presets and also set the dim time.

How to install CPOINT™ OfficeWing,

Download Microsoft VB6sp6 run-time files
Download OpenDMXUSB D2XX driver for WinXP(32-bit)
The latest D2XX USB drivers for other Windows versions can be found at FTDI's website www.ftdichip.com/Drivers...
Find driver on FTDI's site.
. Source code is included in the zip.
Read the OfficeWing.txt file in the zip on how to install, or read it here OfficeWing.txt.

Note: The OfficeWing.zip file is safely downloaded from this site. Beware that versions from other sites could be compromised.

DMX512 Products

CPOINT™ schematic suggestion for USB to DMX512 in and out through a RJ45 connector.
No software required for hardware, only software on a Windows PC.

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OfficeWing Windows XP screen-shots.
OfficeWing works with the openDMXUSB compatible hardware interfaces.

NEWS 2013! OfficeWing Version 1.3

Runs on Windows 8!
Channel, Preset and Dim Time Edit
CPOINT™ OfficeWing

Programming the FTDI 232BM EEPROM
The EEPROM is the configuration memory for the FT232BM chip.
You can program the EEPROM via the USB port with a utility software from FTDI called FT_Prog
The FT_Prog ZIP file is available here
For general info about FT_Prog, go to
FTDI's FT_Prog site.

You also need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your system to run FT_Prog.
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Run FT_Prog and configure the EEPROM.
Below is a link to a CPOINT EEPROM template file, it has CPOINT as the manufacturer, you can edit this as you wish within FT_Prog and program it into the EEPROM memory.
Unzip and load it into the FT_Prog software to program the EEPROM.

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